• Mar 2017

Call of Booty

Welcome horse hung Drake and adorable, insatiable bottom, Alex to the site. They’re both new… also young, horny, full of cum, and always ready to fuck. By the end of it, the only one full of cum anymore was Alex full of Drake’s. Drake said he would love to try getting his dick sucked while playing Call of Duty, and Alex was more than happy to oblige. But once the controller went away, Drake devoured Alex’s hole– rimming it, spitting on it, sliding his 9? cock in and out of it, pulling out to rim some more. And Alex loved every second of it, up until Drake busting his load on and in his hole made him bust his load almost simultaneously. If you’ve never had your dick sucked while playing Call of Duty, I highly recommend trying it.

  • Mar 2017

Look what's coming ;)

  After a little hiatus (details on that to come), we're bringing it back with a super hot, bareback fuck with creampies galore. This is Drake and Alex. They're new to the scene, but being filmed fucking like rabbits, and Drake dumping his load inside Alex seemed like just another day to them. So fucking hot. Photos are fun, but screen shots like this one are more fun ;) This will be releasing sometime in the next week so stay tuned! Screen-Shot-2017-02-28-at-11.45.33-AM

  • Oct 2016
  • Oct 2016

Dax’s Bareback Surprise Pt.2

In the last video we surprised Dax with Jack Hunter in bed in a jockstrap, ass up, ready to get fucked. But before Dax got to cum and leave, we had another surprise for him– Bray ass up and ready to take Dax’s load. Dax mentioned his perfect fuck scenario was a willing bottom, tied up and ready to just get fucked. So we gave him just that– twice. Bray is a little guy, but knows how to take some big dick. Dax manhandled Bray all over the bed, fucking him position after position until we fucked his load into, which made Bray bust almost instantly. At the end of the day, everyone was more than happy with Dax’s surprise!

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  • Oct 2016

Dax's Bareback Surprise!

Dax is leaving Vegas soon, and we wanted to give him a going away present that he (and no one else) could forget. His fat cock needed an insatiable power bottom with a perfectly smooth hole… which is where Jack comes in play. They both have huge cocks, and Jack was more than willing to let Dax tie him up and fuck him silly with his. Dax has that sexy, rough, tattooed look that goes perfect with his rough, verbal, intense fucking he does that his fat cock. After Dax fucks the cum out of Jack, we stopped him just short of cumming to let him know that we had a second bottom bound in the other room for him to drop his load in.

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  • Sep 2016

coming up!

We decided to give one of our guys a going away present... in the form of a hole fuck as hard as he wants. PLOT TWIST: it's a 2-part surprise/update... in the form of TWO holes to fuck as hard as he wants. Coming soon... IMG_0963

  • Aug 2016

Jack and Austin Finally Fuck

Prepare yourself for some hot, raw fucking with a lot, and I mean A LOT, of dick. Like a good bottom does, Jack’s hole was freshly smooth for Austin to slide his huge cock into. These two had wanted to fuck for a long time, so there wasn’t much time until Austin was face deep in Jack’s hole, but just so it was nice and wet to climb on top and slide himself in. With every thrust and pump, Austin’s load built up inside him until he loaded Jack up with it. Sexual chemistry like this, and the desire to just fuck and cum on/in each other, results in some super hot sex.