• Feb 2018

FUCK (t)RUMP...literally.

Hoss Kado, our newest ripped stud, puts a literal twist to the term "fuck trump". If you like the greedy twat who currently sits in the White House, maybe you'll love this video. If you don't like him, you're sure to love this video. If you think Hoss is hot (he's so hot), and just want to watch him dirty talk, jerk off, and bust 3 loads, you WILL love this video!

** Login and head back to the blog to see the full 27 minute video!

  • Feb 2018

Cam Access Instructions

Hey Everyone! I want to give y'all instructions again on how to get set up for and access our cam shows...

-- if you've been a member prior to January, *log into your account first*, click on CAMS. Once there, click LOGIN and use your GISP username and password, which will give you access to our cam show schedule, token purchasing, and access to any show happening at that time. If your username and password doesn't work, following the instructions below...

-- create your GuysInSweatpants account, and log in. Click on CAMS. Then click REGISTER, which will allow you to pick what you'd like your chatroom name to be. Submit that, click on the confirmation email that we sent you, then you're set!

** It's important to remember that you're logged into the chat system, otherwise it won't allow you to chat in the room**

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to hit us up on Twitter (@AustinWilde or @GuysNsweatpants) or email us at

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  • Feb 2018


Join us on cam this Wednesday not only for Wine Wednesday, but also to meet our newest guy, Greyson! He's a cutie! Come hang out, drink wine, and find out where Greyson prefers loads....on or in him. Either way, we'll provide ;) See you guys Wednesday!

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  • Feb 2018
  • Nov 2017

fleshjack sale!!

Hey guys and gals, Austin here. It's that time of year again! Much like everything else on the planet, my Fleshjack products are ON SALE! Except unlike that 3 pack of box cutters or 956 color crayon set, these will actually get used on a regular basis ;)

Click on the image below to go straight to the sale prices! Or copy and paste the URL just above the image. Enjoy!!

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  • Nov 2017

New home video on the blog!

Vincent and Austin had some fun one night while Vincent was visiting. Log in and click back on the BLOG to watch Austin bust his load inside Vincent. It's short, but hot as fuck and will get the job done ;)

  • Nov 2017

Get to know Trent King!

Get to know Trent here, then click on the SCENES tab to the left to watch his first EVER bareback video that just went up ;)