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  • Jun 2018

GuysInSweatpants shirts are back!

Hey members and fans! We just put the finishing touches on our t-shirt and tank tops, and they're ready for purchase! Unlike the last time, we have several options available. Below are links to the tank tops and t-shirts, both men's and women's. We decided to add a higher quality option, several colors, and different fits (the fits are more for the women's shirts). 'Next Level' is one of the higher quality options, and because I wasn't familiar with this brand, I purchased a couple of their t-shirts a couple weeks ago, and I love them. They're comfortable, they fit well, and they received more than one compliment while I was wearing them ;-P I encourage you to google the brands and fits if you aren't familiar with them to ensure you get the best one for you!

On each of these pages, you'll see a countdown that says "Available until" a certain day. This resets every 3 days. Your order will ship when the timer runs out, and then it resets to 3 days for the next batch of orders.

GISP men's t-shirts

GISP men's tank tops

GISP women's t-shirts

GISP women's tank tops

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via email ( or click here to message me on TWITTER

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  • Jun 2018

Accessing Our Live Cams

Hey everyone. I'd like to give a quick rundown on how to access our cam shows if you're a new member or just haven't been to one of our shows in the past. Our shows are pretty epic, and alone make the membership cost worth it! If you're a new member or haven't been to a show yet, here's what you'll do:

- log into your GISP account

- click CAMS, then REGISTER. Here is where you'll set up what you want your chat room name to be. We have a lot of regulars to the show, so make it something you want people to remember you by in case you (hopefully) become one of them :P

- from there, go back to the menu and click LOGIN-- enter your cam login info

- this is where you'll go on the night of a show. At the bottom of this page is where you'll see the thumbnail for the model(s) who have shows coming up. That thumbnail is what you'll click on to access a show once it's started. You'll also be able to purchase tokens from this page.

If you have any problems getting your cam username set up, please send us an email, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

See you guys in the chat!

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  • May 2018

Coming 5/26!

JJ and his monster cock are back again. On the lucky receiving end this time is muscle hunk, power bottom, Lucas Leon. It's Lucas' first time with us, and he and his amazing ass do not disappoint. Like most of us, Lucas loves big dicks, and you can tell by the way he licks, sucks, and worships every inch of JJ's meaty piece. JJ gets Lucas' ass nice and lubed up with his mouth, then bends him over the counter before sliding all 10" in and ponding away. You know you have a good bottom when he's rock hard without ever touching himself like Lucas. You'll probably never watch a hot muscly bottom gets fucked missionary on a sink and enjoy it as much as Lucas does here. The only thing he enjoyed more was getting fucked even more in the bedroom and eating JJ's big load!

Hi-resolution images will be available when the video releases ;)

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  • May 2018
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  • May 2018
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  • May 2018

Coming soon!

With his boyish good looks, cute accent, and bottoming skills, Greyson has quickly become a fan favorite... and he's back! He gets to play with the ripped stud with a nice dick who goes by the name Hoss. There's even a surprise third who joins at the end ;) Look for it soon!

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  • Apr 2018

New Studs On Cam!

Hey members! We're introducing a couple new studs on cam this weekend. It'll be a weekend full of fucking and filming, but also some time on cam so you can meet the guys before their videos release on the site. First up on Friday is Brandon! Friday's cam broadcast will be a bit different than usual. The boys are gonna be doing their thing, and we'll have our cam set up as a "spy cam." In other words, you'll all still be able to hang out and chat with each other as you watch them all suck and fuck ;) See y'all there!

*don't forget to be logged into both your GISP account AND cam account. If you're new, once you've set up your GISP account and are logged in, click CAMS, then REGISTER, then follow the instructions*

How hot is this STUD?? If there was ever a time to be a fly on a wall ;)