Christmas Preview

The holidays are all about giving... and that's exactly what Miller got to do to Clark for his return to GISP! Keep an eye out for this insanely hot video soon!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Preview

  1. Cajungirl says:

    Can’t wait to watch the whole thing !!!!!Thanks guys...❤️

  2. lukehass says:

    OMG! Two of my faves here, or anywhere! Counting the seconds! Welcome back, Clark!!!

  3. lukehass says:

    OK, now that this scorching video is out, please let me offer my sincere congratulations to everyone involved. Sweet Jesus on the cross, what a bonfire of a scene! So glad Clark is well and back in action. I hope his next scene will be with Justin Matthews, although that might be too much male beauty for the fans to take. I'm willing to risk it if you guys in sweatpants are. Seriously!