Gaming with Mateo

6 thoughts on “Gaming with Mateo

  1. Gaga123 says:

    what a hot scene @AustinWilde. Cant wait to see the full clip :) I would love to see you film with @HaydenBrier too. Now that would be an amazing scene and chemistry! please make it happen :)

  2. Cajungirl says:

    Austin this is the waited for scene of 2019.. Omg it was so fucking hot !! I love watching two beautiful guys together. It was not a disappointment... Thank you ! I am sorry Mateo is gone. But, he went out of GISP on TOP.. Hot Hot Hot !!🔥-Sherry

  3. tpa1226 says:

    Do more scenes together...and why haven’t you snatched him up yet?

  4. cashmoney53 says:

    Austin: When are you going to fuck Mateo Fernandez? He's already bottomed raw for Dominic Pacifico. A flip flop fuck scene between the two of you would be super hot!

  5. Jverde says:

    Yes I agree with cashmoney53. A verse scene with Aus

  6. Jverde says:

    And Mateo Fernandez would be another break the internet Monet