Meet Dario

Meet our newest guy in sweatpants, Dario! Here's some video clips from his time here with Hayden. They couldn't keep their hands off each other the entire naturally, I kept my phone out for it 😉 Their fucking is so hot, look for it June 16th!

6 thoughts on “Meet Dario

  1. Cajungirl says:

    I can see the chemistry... I like Dario what a beautiful find.. He is alittle shy but, hopefully you ( Austin ) will help that... Hayden has such a beautiful body and he is becoming a great performer. He is letting us see more every scene. I like...... now unfortunately I watched this and now have to not so patiently wait for the whole scene. I should learn but, I alway have to check out the new guys just like you... Welcome Dario to Austin’s GISP !!!!!!!!! ❤️-Sherry

  2. Jverde says:

    I truly truly hope Hayden was joking about implants. The only thing that beautiful baby boy needs is plenty of love proper nutrition and exercise maybe. Lol 😂 I have truly enjoyed all of his videos if not quite all all of his costars. 🙄. This new young man is hot to.

  3. Itsgr82bmenotu says:

    I’m gonna need you, Austin, do Dario or vice versa. It’ll be super hot if y’all would breed each other.

  4. hotmale says:

    Dario fucks like an athlete, he's so exciting to watch. Please give him more scenes.

  5. aussiboi says:

    Dario and Theo. Pure, Raw. Sex.

  6. mj12550 says:

    Damn that boy is beautiful. No more tatts, he is perfect.