Loading Up Luca

Dec 25, 2023   |  Cast: Austin Wilde , Luca Ambrose ,   |  

Sometimes interrupting someone's quiet time actually pays off. My showers are a time for meditating and clearing my mind as I stand under water that's always too hot. Luca decided to come in the room without knocking, and despite the innocence on his face, I could tell there was a devilish side that needed a good breeding. I've wanted this boy's smooth hole ever since seeing it in front of my camera so wasn't mad one bit. Luca is the perfect kind of bottom you can use however you want, and his only complaint would be that you aren't going deep or hard enough. His hole is so nice, I had to fight off cumming too soon...but once I did, the load was so much that you could see the joy on his face as some of it leaked out at the end. Long story short, if you're craving his load, always interrupt his showers!



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