Hole for a Hole

Aug 10, 2021   |  Cast: Christian Wilde , Nick Thompson ,   |  

Every game is better when you add "strip" to the beginning of it. Even though Christian was sporting wood the entire game as a distraction, Nick won the game and was on his knees worshipping Christian's hard cock in just minutes. Nick is happiest when he's pleasing, no matter which hole his top is using. You can see the joy on his face sucking Christian's big cock. We love a bottom who can lie back rock hard with his arms behind his head while his top thrusts deep into his hole like Nick does. The more he told Christian to "use me", the more turned on he got! Christian's got that dick that you know you're gonna see stars as you cum with it inside you. A boy who loves to please with a man who loves to dom and be serviced-- a match made in Pound Town.



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