Ty Goes Wilde

Jun 25, 2021   |  Cast: Christian Wilde , Ty Santana ,   |  

Christian Wilde is BACK and still a rock hard fuck machine! Although this is his first time on Guys In Sweatpants, many of you may know him (and many of you have been asking for this for awhile now). I know Ty loves sucking cock almost more than getting fucked so I knew he would love Christian and his big dick that doesn't go soft even after he nuts. Ty's ass has always been nice and plump, but somehow he showed up with it looking even nicer than before. It looked even nicer covered his Christian's spit and filled with his cock. If you love a bottom who lies there in heaven while taking a big dick and pleasing his top, you're going to love this. We left Ty in the most perfect way possible-- his hole used and covered with a huge load, inside and out.



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