Flip Fucking Friends

Nov 10, 2021   |  Cast: Evan Knox , Noah Rider ,   |  

Evan met Noah at a music festival a few months ago, and was instantly drawn to his tight body, addictive smile, and of course his nice bubble butt. As much as they both wanted to, they didn't get the chance to hookup during that trip so I instantly knew this was going to be hot as fuck! The sexual tension was already thick so it was only a matter of minutes before they were both naked and swallowing each other's cocks. The hottest fuck sessions are with completely vers boys who flp fuck the entire time like these two. The only problem is deciding who gets to take whose load. Evan won this round and got Noah's load shot all over and in his hole as Noah plowed him doggy style. No doubt you'll have to watch this multiple times to make it to the very end ;-)



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