Polaroid Pounding

May 10, 2022   |  Cast: Ian , Rio ,   |  

Have you ever asked your roommate to take some sexy pics of you...and he ends up down your throat and breeding you too? Ian has. Rio's big uncut cock is a thing of beauty so it didn't take long before Ian was deep throating it and taking selfies with it. You can tell just by watching that Ian *loves​* sucking cock. They may be small, but both of these boys are packing some meat in their pants. Rio loves eating ass, especially in the doggy style position because it's the easiest way to pull his boy back and slide his hard cock in him sending him into a state of full body ecstacy. You can almost feel like look of pleasure of Ian's face as Rio thrusts in and out of his smooth hole. Once they flipped into missionary, it didn't take long before they both busted their loads at the same time. You can't really ask for a better roommate!😉



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