Breeding Oliver

Sep 9, 2022   |  Cast: Jacob Acosta , Oliver Marks ,   |  

We have two new faces for you guys today! Meet Jacob and Oliver. Oliver is that adorable boy next door who you see mowing the lawn every week, and dream of inviting him over to breed him. He wasn't mowing the lawn today, but luckily Jacob got to dump a load in him anyway. Oliver gave us a little nervous but excited little smile when he heard how huge Jacob's cock is, but was like a kid in a candy store when he finally got to play with it. Nothing says "I want you bad" quite like close and deep eye contact with a little smile as he slides his cock in you slowly. Jacob is a gentle giant, but once Oliver was warmed up, he plowed him in countless positions before cumming deep inside him. Be sure to join them at the end to hear what their favorite part was!



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