Blake Fucks Greyson

Sep 16, 2018   |  Cast: Greyson Lane ,   |  

We recently came across Blake on social media, and hit him up to see if he'd be interested in fucking Greyson on camera. And who would say no to that?! Blake certainly didn't. We met up with him at the park to chill and get to know him a bit before taking him back to the house and doing just what Greyson was asking for––a good dicking down! They were pretty much all over each other before the camera even turned on––passionately kissing, tearing each other's clothes off. Greyson loves sucking dick so he just laid Blake back and serviced his nice cock until he wanted it in him. While at the park, Greyson told Blake he wanted a facial today... so after Blake fucked Greyson's load out of him, he climbed on top of Greyson, and busted his load all over his face and mouth!



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