Brad's photoshoot

Oct 2, 2013   |  Cast: Austin Wilde , Brad Rockwell ,   |  

Brad found Austin in the personal ads while looking for a photographer so he could get some photos to add to his portfolio. Once at Austin's studio and started, Austin asks Brad if he's comfortable taking some nonsexual nude shots for his portfolio. Hesitant, Brad agrees, and removes his clothes. Brad being young and always horny, instantly gets hard once he's naked. Austin takes a couple photos, but isn't about to pass up the opportunity of having a hot naked boy with a hard on in his bed. Brad never minds a mouth around his cock, so lies back and enjoys the blow job. Then the rim job. Then Austin's cock shoved down his throat. All before Austin throws his legs in the air and penetrates him with his huge cock. Austin fucks him missionary and doggy style before rolling him on his side and fucking the cum out of him. Since Austin couldn't hold back, he actually cums in Brad at the same time! Now, back to the photoshoot...



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