Buck loads up Brendan

Sep 9, 2015   |  Cast: Brendan Phillips , Buck Richards ,   |  

Buck's cock is at least 9" (literally 2+ handfuls), and was almost a challenge for sexy power-bottom Brendan... but his bottoming skills prevailed! Buck used to wrestle, so we had him show Brendan some moves before taking him back and fucking him. Whether Brendan got the moves down or not, I think he was just satisfied getting pinned down in public. Once Brendan finally got Buck's massive cock inside him, he was in pure ecstasy the entire time! I've literally never seen anyone take such a big cock and be so hungry for his load as Brendan is here... it's so fucking hot! **Bonus: it's not included in the trailer, but Brendan ends up with TWO loads inside him at the end**



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