Leo Takes Charles' Massive Cock

Aug 26, 2017   |  Cast: Charles King , Leo Luckett ,   |  

Lets take a minute to appreciate Charles' huge, beautiful cock. Luckily Leo has a beautiful ass that was hungry for it, and its appetite was surely fed! We took a little road trip through the desert, which included a pitstop where the clothes came off... so naturally I grabbed the camera. Once we got to the house, Leo put his mouth to work on Charles' 9".... which was a lot for him to handle at first, but once he got warmed up, there was no stopping him from bouncing on every inch of it. The neighbors definitely heard his loud, intense moaning. Getting fucked by something that big is fucking intense, and Leo loved every second of it. Charles threw him onto the coffee table, and pounded him out until they both busted their loads at the same time!