Corbin Colby Takes Austin

May 19, 2017   |  Cast: Austin Wilde , Corbin Colby ,   |  

We just found a video of Corbin Colby and Austin fucking bareback that never got posted, and here it is! The boys were doing a webcam show, and decided to record it… because who wouldn’t want to re-experience all of this?! They easily have 16 or 17 inches of dick between them…and Corbin’s ass? Well, that beautiful thing speaks for itself. They both LOVE eating ass, so they spent a lot of time buried in each other’s holes. After fucking for awhile, Corbin hopped on Austin’s cock to ride it, and Austin was so turned on that he blew his load inside him! They were so turned on though, Austin flipped Corbin over, and they kept going! Corbin eventually threw Austin on his back, tongue fucked his ass for awhile, then sucked another load out of his cock!


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