Dario Fucks Ollie

Aug 16, 2019   |  Cast: Ollie Versace , Dario Alexander ,   |  

Both of these studs have made their appearance on the site already, but this is Ollie's first time getting fucked on the site! They made a deal: whoever receives the massage also receives the cock, and I don't think either of them were too upset with that. The best part of giving a massage is getting your man nice and relaxed by working the ass with your hands, fingertips, and eventually your tongue, mouth, and cock. Dario eventually had Ollie's legs in the air eating his hole, getting it nice and sloppy to slide his hard, uncut cock in. I can't think of a better way to finish off a massage than by getting your prostate massage and a load blown all over your hole. Ollie gave Dario a 5 star review so something tells me this wasn't the only time it happened that weekend..



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