Forest Cums in Greyson

Aug 4, 2018   |  Cast: Greyson Lane , Forest ,   |  

Greyson and Forest have been two fan favorites, and since everyone was in town for Pride, we threw them on a bed together, and let the magic and fucking take over. I walked back into the room from getting my camera, and heard them going at I hit record, and let the go at it. Greyson is pretty reserved, but that all changes when you put a hot guy with a nice cock in front of him! He loved riding Forest's cock, feeling every inch as he slid up and down on it. But the look of ecstasy as Forest holds him down on his stomach fucking him like his prey he just captured might be even hotter! If you like videos where the top doesn't pull out, filling his bottom up with his load, you're in luck here!



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