Good morning

Oct 9, 2013   |  Cast: Austin Wilde , Jonny Kingdom ,   |  

Jonny is up at 6am sharp every morning, and Austin usually sleeps through his morning routine. Not today though. Austin only wanted 5 minutes of Jonny's time, so to convince him, he gave him a few kisses and then dropped to his knees and whipped out his already hard and uncut cock out of his sweatpants. They sucked each other off for awhile, but Austin wanted a morning fuck, so he turned Jonny around, lubed up, and fucked him right over the sink. Then bent him over the hot tub, which quickly turned into Jonny getting pile driven on the floor! Without pulling out, Austin picked up his sweaty other half, put him back on the floor, and then fucked the cum out of him!



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