Greyson Gets Manhandled

Nov 16, 2018   |  Cast: Greyson Lane , Trevor Laster ,   |  

Greyson was always saying he wants a big, muscular guy to just hold him down and fuck him relentlessly. Well today was that day. At 5'11", 190lbs, and a nice 8" cock, Trevor was exactly what Greyson had been asking for. After comparing insanely ripped abs outside by the pool (we still can't decide whose are better?!), Trevor carried Greyson inside, threw him on the bed, and the rest is...exactly what we'd all hope for. Trevor only came up from eating Greyson's ass for long enough to compliment his hole before he climbed on top, and slid his 8" rock hard cock in his already lubed up hole. You could tell it was a lot for Greyson to handle as Trevor held him down on the bed, but he was loving every second (and inch) of it too. Once Trevor flipped him over on his back, he hit the good spots cus it wasn't long before Greyson couldn't hold it anymore, and busted all over his stomach. Trevor was nice enough to coat his hole and insides with his 2 day load ;)



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