Introducing Ty Santana

Dec 10, 2020   |  Cast: Damien Cruz , Ty Santana ,   |  

Meet Ty... he's 5'11", 165lbs, with a tight bod, and loves to fuck. One of his biggest turn-ons is eating ass so he was stoked when I showed him Damien's beautiful ass and freshly shaved hole. This is his first video and said he was nervous, but you never would've guessed because once they ripped each other's clothes off, there was no stopping him. Damien went face down ass up while Ty and his tongue went to town on his hole. The slapping sound of Damien's wet hole as Ty strokes his cock in and out of it is so hot! Ty was taking no prisoners, and you could tell it was hurting to good at time. The only thing a good bottom loves more than that is to be covered in cum inside and out. Be sure to take note of Ty's beautiful ass too because a little birdy told me he's getting fucked and bred next... ;-)



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