Lust at first flirt

Feb 5, 2014   |  Cast: Austin Wilde , JJ Swift ,   |  

Much like Austin, JJ wasn't happy with the way things were done at a previous studio, so left it to do things how they should be done. This is their story (or at least some of it). The two were brought together by the power of social media, where they teased each other with pictures of their ass and cock for several weeks. Once the two were brought together, the sexual chemistry was out of this world. All we had to do was turn the cameras on and let them fuck each other senseless. JJ's amazing ass and Austin's huge cock were practically meant for each other. If you've never seen a guy fuck someone with his amazing ass, you're in for a treat here. But don't worry, Austin returned the favor by flipping JJ over and fucking the cum out of him! This is sexual energy and chemistry at its best!



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