Mateo & Jaime Flip Fuck

Sep 16, 2017   |  Cast: Mateo Vice , Jaime Steel ,   |  

There's no quicker way to get boys naked than to take them to a nude beach, and tell them it's a requirement ;) Luckily, it took no convincing. After Jaime's solo, we wanted to have him back to fuck our newest model, the super cute Mateo. From the ride from the airport until jumping in bed together, these two were all about each other. So we literally just turned on the camera, and let them devour each other's bodies, asses, and cocks. Mateo has a nice bubble butt that Jaime ate like his last meal before pinning him down, mounting him, and sliding his cock in to fuck him crazy. As you can tell from the moaning and biting the sheets while getting pounded, Mateo loves bottoming...but he's also a great top. So Jaime gave him a go at his tight ass too! You guys will have to let us know which you prefer to watch happen. Both boys ended up with a load on their face, so be sure to make it to the end!