Miller's Desire

Jun 10, 2020   |  Cast: Miller Axton , Greyson Lane ,   |  

From the moment I met Greyson, I knew I wanted him. And wanting him is definitely an understatement. To put it to you exactly how I mean it, I wanted to explore every part of him with my tongue, my dick, my hands....just...everything. See, he and I have been regular GuysInSweatpants for nearly the same amount of time, so we interacted often, but it wasn't until San Diego pride nearly two years ago that my desire for him spiked into sexual frustration; he and I hung out a bit along with the other guys during the festival and fuck, his charm had me literally wet in all the right places. His beautiful physique kept me hard every time I saw him, and my mouth watered at the thought of getting to fuck him. I wanted him... bad. So when he moved to San Diego (my hometown), I felt like I would finally get the chance, but guess what, he ended up meeting one of my best friends, thus making it kind of awkward for me wanting to fuck his brains out. Because ya know, we became friends too. I decide to leave the adult industry for about six months, and I think he did the same. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, I was browsing through Instagram and noticed Greyson had a new scene up and before I could even think about it, I was already typing that I wanted to work with him when if and when I returned... and man, am I glad that I did because FUCK, that ass of his is the best that I have felt in a loooooong time. Just wait and see ;)



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