Mitch Slams Ty

Mar 10, 2021   |  Cast: Mitch Matthews , Ty Santana ,   |  

If y'all have seen Ty suck a dick, you know he's gonna enjoy the 8.5" Mitch is packing. The way he worships a big cock is so hot, slowly taking his lips from the head all the way to the balls as it sits nicely deep in the back of his throat. He always leaves his men satisfied. His mouth isn't the only hole that can work a nice cock. Mitch knows exactly what he's doing with that big cock between his legs too. The way he teases Ty's hole with the head before sliding it all the way in to the balls and all the way back out drives Ty absolutely wild. You know when your top gives you chills and makes your eyes roll back, he's a keeper! The only other thing that makes him a keeper is when he eats the load off of your hole like Mitch does!