New Year Wish List

Feb 7, 2013   |  Cast: Austin Wilde , JD Phoenix ,   |  

Hey guys, Austin here. Out of the guys I've shot with for Guys In Sweatpants so far, JD Phoenix has been one of my favorites. Two of my favorite things are making out and eating ass, and JD gave me plenty of that. A lot of guys have issues fitting me in their mouth (or ass)—luckily JD isn't an amateur when it comes to handling a big dick (did I mention his pretty ass?). When I met up with JD before the shoot he told me he has a New Year wish list—basically a list of things he wants to do this year—and I was on that list. Let me be the first to say I'm glad I'm on that list. Not to sound unoriginal, but you'll be glad I was, too.



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