Ross Creampies Kyler

Apr 13, 2016   |  Cast: Ross Wilcox , Kyler ,   |  

Recent studies here at the GISP Headquarters revealed that Kyler has an extremely healthy obsession with foreskin. He also loves getting fucked hard, slapped, choked, and spit on. We've seen Ross take cock like a champ, now it's his turn to give it! He lubed up Kyler's hole with his tongue, then slid his already salivating, uncut cock deep inside. You could literally see the joy on Kyler's face when Ross spit and slapped him while fucking him balls deep. This is two guys who just love fucking and getting fucked, sharing each other's loads. Ross, being the nice guy he is, dumped his load inside Kyler without skipping a beat! And if you like when a a guy uses the other's cum as lube to keep fucking him, you're in luck there too!