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Jan 8, 2021   |  Cast: Damien Cruz , Evan Knox , Dan Evans ,   |  

All 3 guys blowing their loads at the same time during a threesome is some kind of rare phenomenon... but prepare to witness it. Evan and Daniel made their debut as boyfriends recently, and it was so hot, I wanted to give them a gift-- our little stud, Damien and his perfect ass. Evan and Daniel are both vers and both love ass so I knew they'd love this. Fucking a smooth hole and then flipping the bottom around so your boyfriend can slide his cock in while it's still warm from your thrusting friction is one of the hottest things you can do. Both Evan and Daniel have nice cocks and are great fucks so Damien was in heaven. It ended in a bang as Daniel flooded Damien's insides with his warm load and the other loads all over his chest at the same time!



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