So, one thing led to another...

Nov 21, 2013   |  Cast: Nick Parker , Adriano Luna ,   |  

Nick hails from San Francisco. Unfortunately his flight was delayed 5 times due to fog in San Diego and then at 9 PM it was finally cancelled for the day. Nick was rescheduled to fly the next morning and Adriano picked Nick up and they spent the day sightseeing in San Diego. By the time they got home it was almost dark. We sat down for an interview and it was obvious that the two of them had a great day being together. Adriano was really horny and he was hot to get Nick naked. As it turns out Adriano admitted he had not cum in over 48 hours and, for him, THAT was a long time! The sex was real and hot. Both guys were really into the action and there was no coaching needed. There was missionary, doggie, riding and repeat and that went on for as long as Nick could stand it. Adriano has a big fat dick and it was hitting Nick's "G Spot" in a way that caused Nick to have a huge explosion. Adriano wasn't ready to cum yet so he just re-cycled and kept fucking Nick till he was good and ready to cum. The cum was flying and you will enjoy the real passion of these two newbies.



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