Theo Fucks Vincent

Dec 5, 2018   |  Cast: Vincent , Theo Brady ,   |  

These two couldn't keep their hands off each other all weekend so we got out the camera, and let them finally go at it! Vincent was originally supposed to top, but the second Theo finally saw Vincent's beautiful bubble butt, he just had to have a taste....both inside and out. Theo's huge dick is a perfect match for that ass too. Vincent sucked on that big dick like it was his last meal before turning over to present his ass to get fucked...and get fucked it did! Theo climbed on top, shoved his face in to get it nice and lubed up, then shoved his cock in balls deep. If you've never watched a big, beautiful bubble butt ride and bounce on a perfectly curved 8" cock, you're in for a treat here. The cherry on top is that 8" cock busting its load all over and inside that beautiful bubble butt!


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