Trent and Sam's raw fuck

Jul 9, 2014   |  Cast: Sam Truitt , Trent Ferris ,   |  

Trent and Sam are probably two of the most sexually charged boyfriends I've ever met. We met up at the hotel, and within the first 20min, they were walking around naked (I certainly wasn't complaining). I actually caught Trent jerking off to a video on his phone they recorded of them fucking... and so it began. I told them to just go at it, and the result was one of the hottest fucks I've ever watched. Sam may look innocent, but the way he face fucked and choke fucked Trent with his massive cock proved otherwise. Trent certainly didn't hold back as he slammed down on Sam's huge meat. It ended in Trent covered in both loads, and Sam shoving his cock back in him for good measure. Then it was shower time ;)



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