Vincent Takes Control

Mar 30, 2018   |  Cast: Vincent , Miller Axton ,   |  

If you've never been around for one of our live cam shows, you'll probably want to after watching this. The shows usually consist of some light chatting, and then some heavy, sweaty, raw fucking. If you love big dicks and beautiful asses, you're in for a treat here. Vincent's ass is one of those asses you'd be ok suffocating in, and Miller almost does. We've always seen Vincent in the submissive role, but they switched it up some this time. He takes all of Miller's 9", and loves every inch of it, but he decided to take control as he was riding him. And it's hot as fuck. As he's riding Miller, bouncing on his cock, he holds him down and slaps the hell out of him, letting him know who's in charge (Miller loves it, btw). This hot, sweaty, passionate fucking ends with Miller fucking Vincent's load out of him, and then busting his all over Vincent's abs! Log in to watch the full 34min fuck fest!


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