Weekend in Palm Springs: Part 3

Nov 13, 2013   |  Cast: Rey Luis , Joey Rico ,   |  

It's 7am on the last day in Palm Springs. Joey, being a personal trainer and up at 7am to workout everyday anyway, sticks with his routine even while on vacation. Rey wakes up (to the alarm that Joey had set for himself—whoops) and figured since he's up, he may as well join him. After getting all hot, sweaty and horny, it's time to help the environment by showering together... and take care of some morning wood. Some blow jobs in the shower leads to Rey dragging Joey into the bedroom to get fucked silly. Nothing says 'Goodbye Palm Springs' like a good morning workout and fuck. By the time they were done fucking, everyone was packed up and ready to head home. After the exhausting weekend, everyone pretty much slept the whole way back, so we didn't get much footage on the way home. But be sure to check out all of the behind the scenes footage at the end of the full video!



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